Product Image Deep Sleep Pillow
Product Image Deep Sleep Pillow
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DeepSleep Pillow

Ergonomic pillow with upcycled foam filling

  • plush upcycled foam chip core
  • ergonomic 3D form
  • cozy, recycled face fabric

Note: Size Large not available in the USA

34.95 USD
Deep Sleep Pillow M navy
Prod. no. 7640277841949

Product description

The DeepSleep Pillow is a simple-but-effective, super plush alternative to our air-core pillows, ideal for those who prefer a softer pillow for their camping or van adventures. 

The combination of upcycled foam filling, the soft, recycled tricot nylon outer material and the ergonomic 3D fit ensures a comfortable sleeping experience - just like in your own bed.

With practical fabric eyelets on the sides, this sleeping companion can also be attached to a mat. 




M: 15 x 11 x 5.1 in
L: 18.9 x 11.4 x 5.9 in


M: 6.3 oz
L: 9.1 oz

Delivery contents




recycled tricot polyester


Upcycled PU foam chips


Product with Climate Contribution

EXPED calculates all climate emissions from the production and transportation of this product and finances certified climate protection projects through myclimate to an equal extent.


Recycled materials

More and more EXPED products are made from recycled materials. Materials gained from previously made materials -such as PET-bottles or waste from the production of textiles.

Made in Taiwan: Feng Yi


Feng Yi is an established mat manufacturer based in Taichung City in Taiwan and has been producing the well-known mats for EXPED for over 20 years.

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Warranty years

5 Years