Outer Space III

Spacious 3-season tent with a huge vestibule

  • extremely spacious at a low weight
  • multi-mode set-up options
  • giant pole-supported vestibule
Outer Space III
Prod. no. 7640445457385
Tent cut

Product Description

Outer Space tents are a shape-shifting, multi-mode, take-anywhere tents with enough vestibule space for any situation. The perfect combination of weight and space.

Clips and a two-piece, inter-connected pole set make the Outer Space quick and easy to set up. The external poles allow the inner and outer tents to be pitched at the same time, keeping the inner tent dry in all weather conditions. A small rear vestibule provides additional space and additional entry point.

Multiple set-up and deployment modes allow Outer Space to adapt to changing conditions and personal preferences for optimal comfort. The rainfly can easily be used without the canopy or combined only with a footprint for lightweight adventures.

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Campsite with Outer Space and Mira tent
Campsite with Outer Space and Mira tent
Spacious Outer Space tent
Outer Space tent
Campsite with Outer Space
Outer Space tent