product image REM Pillow M ruby red

REM Pillow

Super comfortable pillow with foam filling

  • ergonomic 3D shape, height adjustable
  • upcycled foam filled cover
  • removable, washable cover
REM Pillow M ruby red
Prod. no. 7640171996660
REM Pillow bladder

The REM Pillow can easily be washed, just remove the internal air bladder prior to washing.

REM Pillow Valve opening

Single combination valve allows inflation providing a one-way flap and deflation by inserting deflation pin.

Product description

The REM Pillow is a super comfortable pillow for any camping adventure, featuring an upcycled foam filled cover.

The combination of the air core, foam filled cover, soft tricot nylon material and the ergonomic 3D shape provides comfortable sleeping experience - just like in your own bed. In addition, the REM Pillow can be adjusted in height by releasing air. This makes it ideal for side and back sleepers as well as stomach sleepers.

With practical fabric eyelets on the sides, this sleeping companion can also be attached to a mat. The inner air cushion is removable, so the pillow case can be washed if necessary. The robust FlatValve ensures quick inflation and deflation.

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M: 15 x 9.8 x 5.1 in
L: 19.3 x 10.2 x 5.9 in


M: 4.6 oz
L: 6.7 oz

Flat Valve



Main material

tricot nylon brushed


PU- foam cores
Oeko-Tex® 100 certified


Climate neutral product

EXPED measures and fully offsets all global warming gases (CO2 equivalents) from manufacturing and shipping this product.

climate protection declaration

Oeko-tex certified material

Oeko-Tex® is a testing and Certification system for raw materials and finished products. EXPED does not feature fully tested products. The listed products aren't certified under this standard. Only accordingly specified materials are certified.

Warranty years

5 Years