product image NeckPillow Deluxe ruby red

Neck Pillow Deluxe

Comfortable lightweight neck pillow for traveling

  • excellent head and neck support
  • soft, comfortable material
  • removable, washable cover
NeckPillow Deluxe ruby red
Prod. no. 7640171995380

Product description

The NeckPillow Deluxe is a super comfortable and lightweight neck pillow for traveling. It supports the head in any sitting position for a restful sleep while traveling.

The chin strap provides extra support to keep your head from falling forward while you sleep. In addition, the NeckPillow Deluxe can be adjusted by releasing air as needed.

The inner air cushion is removable, so the pillow cover can be washed if necessary. The robust FlatValve ensures quick inflation and deflation.

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15 x 12.6 x 4.7 in


3 oz

Flat Valve



Main material

tricot nylon brushed




Climate neutral product

EXPED measures and fully offsets all global warming gases (CO2 equivalents) from manufacturing and shipping this product.

climate protection declaration

Warranty years

5 Years